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September 25th - 28th - An evening of One-Act Comedy Plays

In 'Wardrobe Wars' A man has to buy a flatpack wardrobe but runs into every problem that shop assistants could imagine.
In 'En Attendant Francois', 2 ladies return from a comfort break and find their escorts have done a runner.... or have they? and have they paid the bill? Did the Frenchman resent no-one speaking his language?

'The Bognor Regis Vampire' - never dig up a grave unless you want the past to arrive at your door .... dripping blood.

In 'Have a nice Day' an early morning TV presented faces the sack, until she takes her career into her own hands.
Tickets now available from as well as from Bawtry Community Library.

November 22nd - 29th - 'Oh What A Lovely War' Critically acclaimed satirical First World War musical by Joan Littlewood
The first act draws the audience into the sentimentality of the war propaganda and sense of bonhomie that was prevalent at the beginning of the First World War. It opens at the seaside, where young men and women relax, until the MC announces that it is time for 'the war game' to start. As the war begins, the soldiers are trained and march off to fight. The famous Christmas Day meeting between the British and German soldiers in no-man's land is marked by the songs 'Heilige Nacht' and 'Christmas Day in the Cookhouse'. As the girls promise the soldiers, 'I'll Make a Man Out of You', the first act is brought to an abrupt end with the first bomb explosion of the show. The true horror of the First World War is then borne out in Act Two as the projected slides show horrific images of the realities of war for all sides, accompanied by the soldier's singing 'Gassed Last Night'. As General Haig orders further, fruitless offensives, the soldiers sing traditional music hall songs with their lyrics changed to reflect the brutal reality of life in the trenches.

21st - 28th February 2019 - 'Holiday Snap' by Michael Pertwee and John Chapman
This comic tale of mistaken identity unfolds with real wit and style. A Portuguese time share villa has been double booked without the company representative, myopic tippler Commander "Chitto" Chittenden, knowing. When Mary and Henry arrive shortly after Eve and Leslie, Chitto manages to remain unaware that there is more than one couple on the scene. The confusion is compounded when each couple mistakes the other for the servants. Henry seems to have the upper hand when he discovers that Eve is married, but not to Leslie, when his mother-in-law arrives and he has to bribe the other couple to impersonate his alibi, Sir Piers and Lady Marchbanks. Girlfriend Mary has to play the servant, much to her annoyance, but it looks as though things might work out until the real Sir Piers arrives followed by Henry's wife. Hilarious disguises donned by Mary, Perky, Eve and Leslie might just save the day!

9th -16th May 2019 - 'Relatively Speaking' by Alan Ayckbourn
The play opens in the flat of Greg and Ginny, a young co-habiting couple, Ginny being the more sexually experienced. Greg finds a strange pair of slippers under the bed and is too besotted to believe they might have been left by another man (which would also explain the bunches of flowers and boxes of sweets filling Ginny’s apartment). Ginny goes off for a day in the country, supposedly to visit her parents but actually to break things off with her older married lover, Philip. Greg decides to follow her. The next scene is on the patio at the home of Philip and his befuddled wife Sheila, whose marriage is clearly under strain. Greg shows up unannounced before Ginny, and wrongly assumes that they are her parents. Greg asks for her hand from Philip, while Philip mistakenly believes that the strange young man is asking permission to marry Sheila. Once Ginny arrives, she convinces Philip to play the role of her father. Meanwhile, Greg still believes that Sheila is Ginny’s mother. The situation becomes increasingly complicated and hilarious.




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