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February 24th - March 3rd 2018 - ‘Dangerous Corner’ by J.B. Priestley
Set in the 1930’s this is a fascinating combination of mystery play and psychological study. It shows how the gradual revelation of the truth about a murdered man disrupts his family and friends and shows them up for the rotters they are.

May 12th - 19th May 2018 - ‘The Safari Party’ by Tim Firth
A comedy by the writer of ‘Neville’s island’ which we successfully produced in 2016. Three households have agreed to hold a 'safari party' - a dinner party, with each course served in a different house. The hors d'oeuvres are served by Daniel and Adam, young brothers whose abusive father was recently shot dead, the entrées by Lol and Esther, upwardly-mobile and vulgar, and the desserts by Inga, a seemingly benign antiques dealer. However: there's the question of the table…



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